What does dilemma mean?

 What does dilemma mean? It means a situation that makes it very difficult to choose between two alternatives.

Adjective: –dilemmic

In a sentence Examples: –

  •         It is one of the biggest dilemma that Jon had to face since the left’s house in order to move in on his own.
  •         If you are faced with a moral dilemma on how you would be able to see yourself in a few years’ time, it is always important to answer in the positive. This is a question that is frequently asked in many interviews.
  •         If you are unsure about somebody stealing your money, then telling them, rather accusing them of something would entitle you to face a moral dilemma if they are not the culprit.
  •         You have to worry about your dilemma later; rather you need to focus on the job to ensure that you actually have a job at the end of the day.

·         In the debate lessons, we were each given a dilemma and would have to share our feelings about it within the designated period of time.  http://sentencehouse.com/inquisitive/

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