Monday, January 17, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Happy Monday everyone!  Unfortunately I have to work today, but I hope most of you get to enjoy a day off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Thanks to Stephanie from The Cookie Battle for awarding me the Stylish Blogger award! I’m so glad to participate by writing 7 random facts about myself.

1. I worked at TCBY in college. I thought it would be great to get discounts on a healthy treat! I got to taste so many samples of the yogurt-y goodness (and the ice cream). I loved topping the White Chocolate Mousse with hot fudge and wet walnuts.

 2. I’m taking a trip to Ireland this Spring. We’re heading there at the end of April to hang out with my brother in law and his girlfriend, who live in London. Can’t wait to drink Guinness and see the sites!

3. The smell of hard boiled eggs makes me want to puke. I can’t even put a picture up, they are so gross to me. It all started with a bad experience eating one at preschool. If you want to get me totally freaked out, go ahead and put a deviled egg right in my face.
4. I was a finalist in the Pillsbury Bake-Off. I went in 2008, my recipe was Blue Cheesy Prosciutto Appetizer Pizza. I was so lucky to have such an amazing experience competing in Dallas for the Million Dollar Grand Prize! I’m starting to develop recipes for the 2012 contest.

5. I’m obsessed with cheese sauce. Nachos, mac and cheese, on a burger…you name it I love it! There is something about that yummy, gooey cheese that makes me so happy.

6. I’ve only seen snow fall once. It was on a trip to Michigan when I was 23, and I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was so excited and everyone thought I was crazy. Nobody could believe I had never seen it snow before.

7. My husband proposed to me while sky-diving. It was my 30th birthday, and one of the best days of our lives. He popped the question as soon as we landed. I was so happy and surprised I couldn’t even say yes, I just nodded my head and hoped he understood what I was doing, hehe.


Jennifer said...

TCBY is total crack! love it! and cheese sauce.. and OMG you were a finalist!? so flipping cool! congrats chica! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

purplebirdblog said...

So awesome that you were a finalist, but even MORE awesome about your hubby popping the question!! That is BADASS!

Carina said...

Do you have Fuddrucker's by you? It's a burger chain. I haven't eaten there in probably over 10 yrs, but I remember loving their cheese sauce, and you could add it yourself to burgers, fries, etc.

WillJogForFood said...

All the fuddruckers around my area closed...but I remember all the cheese sauce :) I put it on my burgers & fries, it was the BEST!

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Ok, I was totally picturing the ring falling out of the velvet box a million miles above the earth....and the slow motion...noooooooooooooo!!

My hubby used to be the manager at a TCBY! Cool :)

withasideofhope said...

I love this post! TCBY is one of my favorite frozen yogurt places! Actually, it is the only frozen yogurt place near me. That is so cool that you were a finalist in the bake off!

cyclicalunemployment said...

basically you're obsessed with things that come out of that spiral shape (fro yo and cheese sauce) is what I'm thinking. nothing wrong with pumping food out! I love guacamole in squeeze pouches!

whatkateiscooking said...

That's such a cute engagement story! Also, I think it is awesome that you were a finalist in the bake-off! I remember reading about that when I was a kid and thinking it would be a fun thing to do :)

Evan Thomas said...

That's so cool that you were a finalist!
Also, if I worked at TCBY, I think I'd have to be rolled out of work after a week.

Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle said...

That is the coolest thing that you're hubby proposed while sky diving!

I have never been to Ireland but it's on my list. I'm sure you will have a blast!