Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Capital Burger

My friend Chris was telling me the other day that he heard The Capital Grille had the best burgers. When I told him I had a Capital Grille only 5 minutes from me we made a quick decision to go there for lunch. My Sis, Chris and I were ready for a great meal!

This was my first time ever going to The Capital Grille. It was what I expected for a fancy steakhouse...white tablecloths, dark wood, and paintings of old men. I liked it. We were seated right away with the menus but we all knew what we wanted, the burger. At $15 it's not cheap but it's huge and comes with parmesan truffle fries. What is better than a nice glass of red wine with a steakhouse burger? So I opted for a glass of Mark West Pinot Noir, which hit the spot.

Our server, Ileana, was great! She was always stopping by to make sure we liked everything, and she knew so much about the menu. She told us about all the great fresh seafood they have there too, and I'll be sure to try some on my next trip there. She also brought over some homemade potato chips with tartar sauce for us to snack on. They tasted so fresh and the tartar was tangy and creamy.

Our burger came out and we were ready to pounce! But I took a second to admire how well it was put even had separate dishes for ketchup, aioli, and dijon mustard. My first bite of the burger was delectable. The onion bun was soft and a little sweet, the sirloin burger cooked perfectly. I could taste a hint of the bacon and onion (which is combined with the sirloin in burger patty). The creamy Havarti cheese was perfect with the burger. It was so juicy! One of the juiciest burgers I've had in a while.

I really liked the Parm Truffle Fries, but Chris and the Sis weren't huge fans. They said the truffles had a kind of "moldy"smell. I like to consider the truffle oil more "earthy", haha. The fries were crispy and hot. My favorite part was the crunchy parmesan on top.

Chris basically forced us to get dessert. I was so full I could barely breathe. But here we are with a Double Chocolate Chip ice cream sandwich. I have to say, it was delicious! The cookies were almost like brownies and the ice cream tasted fresh and creamy. A great addition is the melted chocolate sauce which was served on the side.

It was a great lunch experience! The food was superb. Ileana was a great server! I will definitely be back at The Capital Grille.

Chips: 9 out of 10
Burger: 9 out of 10
Fries: 8.5 out of 10
Dessert: 9 out of 10
Service: 10 out of 10


Emily (A Nutritionist Eats) said...

Hmmm...Truffle fries!!!

Bec said...

sounds like a pretty amazing burger place!

katecooks said...

mmm that burger looks totally amazing!!!!

Menden @ Skinny Menny said...

What a great lunch! Now I'm craving a burger and it's only 10:30am, lol :)

foodnfit said...

I'm drooling--that all looks SO good!

Diane said...

We have a Capital Grille in Orlando. May have to recreate this whole meal!