Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Wynn Buffet

When in Vegas...you have to eat at least 1 buffet. Since we were at the Wynn...we decided to go to the Buffet there. We went at 9:30, and it was fairly quiet. But there was still plenty of food. We sat down in the main room, which was well decorated with flowers and other whimsical elements.

We stepped into the buffet area and it was massive! They had tons of stations with so many foods. There is no way to be able to try them all. My first go around was some ceviche, an asparagus salad and a prime rib slider. Most were good but the tuna ceviche was the best! The slider was a tad dry. The snapper was slightly overcooked.

My next plate was pasta and pizza. The pizza was more of a flatbread and very cheesy! It could have been warmer, but tasted really good. The gnocchi was also a little dry, but the fettuccine was perfect! It was creamy and spicy.

My last plate of food before dessert was the big one! The shrimp and crab were perfect. They even crack the crab legs open. The drawn butter that was served with it hit the spot. The Pita with hummus and baba ganoush was perfect! The pita was soft and warm...and the dips were creamy and well spiced. The shrimp wonton was crispy and hot. The pork buns might have been a little too big, but tasted very good. The two things on the plate that were just okay were the pieces of sushi (tempura shrimp) and the kung pao chicken.

I'm sorry I didn't get any dessert pics! I was so excited I didn't even think of a picture. I tried a crispy hazelnut chocolate concoction, a chocolate cream oreo pie, a chocolate banana creamy dessert and a dulce de leche rice pudding. They were all incredible! But I have to say my favorite was the rice pudding...and I'm not even a rice pudding fan but my friend said it was great. It was super creamy and had great caramel flavor! The price isn't really cheap ($40) but it was worth it!

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Bec said...

so much yummy looking food can't wait to see more of vegas in your posts!